We will try anything at least once. Custom designed stepping stones was our first endeavor, then a 36"bowl, hex planters, kitchen counter tops......the list grows.

  drawer pulls counter

Our concrete kitchen counter top with hand designed twisted metal door pulls.


Sask. and Alberta both celebrated 100 years. Official provincial emblems were incororated into these designs - how many do you recognize?


Custom 100th anniversary stepping stone  for Early's Farm & Garden Centre, Saskatoon, Sk.


Two designs for centennial stones for city of Saskatoon. The one on the left is a decorative sundial using the official city logo for the occasion; the one on the right is of the Bessborough Hotel and University Bridge both iconic structures in the downtown skyline. The design was initally taken from two photos and recreated in a mold.


Another 100th anniversary stone this time for St. Alphonse Church, Viscount, Sk. The design taken from a photo is of the church before the new addition was added.


St. Alphonse holy water font, note the flowing water; weight approximately 800 pounds; Viscount, Sk.



Brithdir United Church memorial marker northeast of Plunkett, Sk. The top inset for the granite marker was custom designed by Concrete Elements.


Stand for artificial propane fire pit. Backyard of customer.


Custom sized concrete pad for bronze memorial markers (customer supplies memorial plaque). These are designed to be buried flush to the ground to facilitate grass mowing.


 36" bowls, 39"large hex and 24"small hex planters for a community project, Big River, Sask.